The Company

CoverCar S.A. was founded in 1993 for the purpose of cutting and sewing seat covers and vehicle interiors. CoverCar holds three production sites and three logistics centres distributed strategically over the Iberian Pensinsula and Morocco:


  • Headquarter and logistics centre in Sallent  – Barcelona (Spain)
  • Two production sites in Tangiers  (Morocco)
  • A production site and a logistics centre in Nelas (Portugal)
  • A logistic centre in Pamplona (Spain)


Furthermore we have two development offices in Braunschweig and Ingolstadt (Germany) CoverCar S.A. is an independent company with 100% Spanish capital.


Our management places highest priority on Quality Perception by our customers. This is proved by the successful development and implementation of a renowned quality system based on the norms ISO / TS -16949 und ISO-9000: 2000 which guarantee a maximum control of our processes and their focus on the high demands of the automobile industry.

Continuous training and expansion of competence of our personnel as well as their encouragement to participate in Continuous Improvement Processes are an essential part of the CoverCar company philosophy.


Customer Service

The demands of our customers are for us the measure of all things. Punctual deliveries, flexible production, continuous product improvement: at the service of the challenging Quality Demands of the automobile industry.

Our highest goal is Customer Satisfaction, as the only way of securing our future as market leaders.